Baby Nathalie and I are, quite literally, "Children of the Revolution" (American, that is)! Here's our beloved "Junior" visiting the memorial to our ancestor, Captain Israel Trow, who was a prominent officer during the Revolutionary War; the family plot is located in Hardwick, Massachusetts. Through Captain Trow's mother, Margaret Rogers, and his wife, Mary Clapp, we can even trace our ancestry straight back to two passengers on the Mayflower. When this page finishes construction, you'll be able to follow the fascinating lineage of the Trow family from which we are both descended; we welcome correspondence from fellow genealogists!

My grandmother, Alice Louise Trow McDonald (1873-1947), in a portrait taken on her 18th birthday in LaCrosse, Wisconsin


Abraham Warren

Isabel ?


? (granted land in Salem 1635)



Ca. 1642, Salem, Massachusetts


Summer 1682, Salem, MA

April 5, 1672, Salem, MA





Mary Warren

John Green


Ca. 1642, Salem, MA



December 7, 1659, Salem, MA


1706, Salem, MA

January 11, 1691, Salem, MA





Mary Green

Tobias Trow


March 1, 1663, Salem, MA

Ca. 1663, poss. Devonshire, England


Ca. 1684, Beverly, MA


September 8, 1748, Wenham , MA

September 15, 1718, Wenham, MA


Benjamin Trow

Margaret Rogers


March 18, 1704, Wenham, MA

November 29, 1702, Wenham, MA


February 23, 1729-30, Wenham, MA


September 16, 1771, Norton, MA

November 15, 1789, Norton, MA


Captain Israel Trow

Mary Clapp


Baptized November 6, 1737, Wenham, MA

May 27, 1738, Norton, MA


  1. Israel Trow/Mary Clapp: January 1, 1761, Norton, MA
  2. Israel Trow/Prudence Leonard: April 1, 1811, Hardwick, MA


February 17, 1825, Hardwick, MA

June 13, 1809, Hardwick, MA


Israel Trow Jr.

Hannah Makepeace


May 11, 1766, Norton, MA

August 14, 1768, Norton, MA


  1. Israel Trow/Hannah Makepeace: May 28, 1788, Mansfield, MA
  2. Hannah Trow/Francis Winch: February 1, 1807, Holden (?), MA


August 27, 1806, New Braintree, MA

1850, ? need more info!


Israel Trow (twin)

Isabelle Green Dickerson


December 18, 1802, New Braintree, MA

August 6, 1806, South Kingston, RI


January 1, 1824, Holden, MA


July 17, 1868, Eureka, WI

October 2, 1892, Eureka, WI


Jerome Oscar Trow

Elizabeth Mary LeFevre


November 10, 1843, Walworth County, WI

March 26, 1847, Madison, WI


July 27, 1869, Winnebago County, WI


October 29, 1927, Seattle, WA

January 3, 1921, Minneapolis, MN


Alice Louise Trow

Walter Donald McDonald


March 30, 1873, Eureka, WI

December 23, 1872, La Crosse, WI


February 16, 1898, La Crosse, WI


July 8, 1947, Seattle, WA

August 22, 1941, Seattle, WA


Captain Donald Trow McDonald, USNR

Ingeborg von Held-Eibl Robertson


February 25, 1903, Chicago, IL

February 10, 1925, Freising, Bavaria, Germany


  1. Ingeborg Eibl/Stanley Goldberg, 1941, Bergen County, NJ
  2. Ingeborg Eibl/Jerry Wald, 1945, ?, CA
  3. Ingeborg Eibl/John R. Robertson, June 1948, Bergen County, NJ
  4. Ingeborg Robertson/Donald McDonald, October 31, 1959, Bergenfield, NJ


March 29, 1987, East Orange, NJ

June 25, 1990, Hackensack, NJ


Natalie Hermine McDonald

Greyton Henry Woitscheck


Living Individual

Living Individual


Nathalie Alicelouise Tobiana Trow-McDonald



Living Individual


For the truly serious Trow genealogist, we present the following:

A large photo of the Trow monument at Hardwick, Worcester County, MA (formerly the background image for this page).

Five photographs taken at Timothy Plain Cemetery in Norton, Bristol County, MA, of Benjamin Trow, Margaret Rogers Trow, and Polly Trow (8-year-old daughter of Captain Israel Trow and Mary Clapp Trow):

Norton1, Norton2, Norton3, Norton4, Norton5

These links will take you to three views of Israel Trow Jr.'s gravestone in New Braintree, Worcester County, MA (also shown above). This was extremely difficult to locate! We are still trying to confirm death information about his widow, Hannah Makepeace Trow Winch. Please, please, please write if you have any clues about Hannah!

NewBraintree1, NewBraintree2, NewBraintree3

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