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[Don, who's that man in the basement?
It's like a terrorist attack
Sequins...up and down my back!]

I've got a black sequin jacket
And a red Cadillac
I don't have time to drive it
'Cos I'm always in the back
Doing the mint condition boogie
Spraying glitter on the floor
And the earliest I'll get home
Is maybe quarter after four
[And I do mean "Maybe!"]

Sequins in excelsis deo
Sequins in excelsis deo
Sequins like a terrorist attack
Sequins up and down my back

I've been checking out this guy
And I really like his style
See, he loves my shiny clothes
He can see them for a mile
Now, you can laugh at me
And you can say it's nothing new
But, honey, as far as I'm concerned
It's still 1972
And there's only one way to dress
Sequins in excelsis deo
Sequins, I can't settle for anything less
Sequins up and down my back

[Oh, yeah...I can see them now
Light, shiny metal
Pour 'em all over me, baby
In every metallic color
I want them all!]

I went down to San Francisco
To do some shopping for the day
But the clothes there didn't sparkle at all
They've got to be a certain way
Now, this salesgirl, she tried to tell me
I should dress so I'll fit in
I told her, "Honey, you can't upstage me
'Cos it comes from within!"
And that means only one thing
Sequins, oh yeah, in excelsis deo

Sequins in excelsis deo
Sequins, yeah, like a terrorist attack
Sequins, baby, up 'n' down my back
Sequins in excelsis deo
Sequins -- to the glory of God!

© 1988 Miniature Music (ASCAP)
Lyrics by Natalie McDonald, Production and Musical Arrangement by Richard Barone

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