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Rolan Bolan

It's a "Depth Charge!" exclusive! The photo above was taken by none other than Tony Visconti, of Rolan Bolan and Richard Barone together in New York City in May 2001!


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"One day we change from children into people" (Marc Bolan, "Seagull Woman")

When I look at this picture of Marc Bolan's 25-year-old son, Rolan Seymour Feld Bolan, dozens of memories come flooding back to me.

In 1975, I remember being a teenager in New Jersey, reading clippings in the British press about Marc, the proud father who helped deliver the baby boy who let out "a big soul cry" immediately upon being born.

In January 1978, after Marc's death, I spent a poignant afternoon paying my respects to Marc's parents at their home in Putney, London. Rolan's mother, Gloria Jones, had been seriously injured in the crash which killed Marc, and upon her recovery she took Rolan back to the United States with her. The Felds were heartbroken to lose contact with their grandchild, and Phyllis Feld frequently referred to a psychic link between Marc and little Rolan. She told me that at the moment of Marc's death, Rolan sat bolt upright in his crib and started screaming. The Felds got up to see what was the matter with the baby, and within minutes, the police were at the door to inform them of the tragic accident which claimed Marc's life.

"He's got his ways," Mrs. Feld said repeatedly and emphatically throughout our conversation about her grandson, and I thought of this often as the years went by.

By 1986, Richard Barone and I had begun recording together. We were anxious to share our news with Gloria Jones, and also to find out how Rolan was faring as a child growing up in America. Gloria, Richard and I got together on several occasions, and we were delighted to learn that Rolan was showing some interest in music. When Gloria mentioned that Rolan had tried the trumpet at school, Richard couldn't contain his enthusiasm as he shrieked "Dwarfish Trumpet Blues!" Gloria said that she was doing her best not to push music on her son, but that didn't stop any of us from being pleased as could be when Gloria finally announced that Rolan had been locking himself away in his room for extended periods of time listening to his father's albums. (Below is a picture of Richard Barone and Gloria Jones taken this year in New York City.)

Gloria had the same worries as most American parents, but she had the added responsibility of being mother to a celebrity's child, and with it a quite understandable concern that Rolan might be kidnapped or have his privacy violated in other ways. So, although Richard and I knew Rolan's whereabouts over the years, we respected Gloria's wishes and kept this information to ourselves. On Rolan's 18th birthday, he told me of his college plans, but these remained confidential until revealed in a book by journalist Pamela des Barres and Rolan's interview with the Sunday Mirror. (Rolan's college classmate was former T. Rex backing vocalist Mark Volman of Flo and Eddie and The Turtles. In October 1998, Mark joined in the celebration of baby Nathalie's first birthday backstage at a Turtles gig in Massachusetts, as seen in this so-happy-together photo!)

In 1997, Rolan and his lifelong friend Adam began visiting "Depth Charge!" from their Internet addresses at school. We invited them to join us on-line with any contributions they might wish to make to our site, and it was our greatest pleasure to debut these special sound clips of Rolan's very first recordings to Bolan fans around the world, just in time for the international 20/50 celebration that year. All of the links below are very large .wav files that will take a long time to download, but we're certain you'll agree it's worth the few extra minutes -- enjoy!

"Classic Conversation"
"Cosmic Dancer"
Rolan on a RealAudio File

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