"People let me tell you 'bout my best friend..."

Backstage at George Washington University, Washington, DC, Richard paraphrased one of Marc Bolan's most (in)famous statements when he said, "I don't care how many sequins you wear, Natalie; you can never upstage Barone!" This signature line later become incorporated into the track "Sequins in Excelsis Deo", which was released in the UK on Barracuda Blue Records!

When discussing Richard Barone, I can't help but reflect just how lucky a person I must be! After all, it's not everyone who can phone up their favorite living rock singer and say "Hey, just what did you mean by that lyric, anyway?" It seems like only yesterday that the name "Richard Barone" was just one of many scribbled in my spiral notebook which contained the charter subscribers' list to the Electric Warrior Free Press, along with that of Patti Smith and so many other people who eventually helped shape the destiny of rock music in the '70s and '80s! I never dreamed that this young boy from Tampa, Florida would someday grow up to become my best friend, confidante, collaborator, co-writer and producer but as Marc Bolan always said, "Life is strange!"

By way of introduction, here's an audio file which is a snippet of Richard's song "Miss Jean" (large .wav file!). This track is one of my absolute favorites, from Richard's clouds over eden album on Mesa Records, especially because I've had the pleasure of meeting the real Miss Jean (.htm file) on several occasions. If you haven't yet listened to this collection, I can't help but wonder what you're waiting for it's great!

As for me, incidentally, it wasn't my own idea to become a solo recording artist the credit rightfully goes to fans of Richard's group The Bongos, who suggested that perhaps I was spending too much time behind the scenes during the band's American tours. I was finally persuaded to try my own hand at recording in 1986, with Richard as producer, by performing a cover version of Marc Bolan's "The Third Degree" at Mix-O-Lydian Studios in Boonton, New Jersey. Richard and I were so delighted by the overwhelmingly favorable response we received which ultimately led to my UK recording contract that we went back to the drawing board and started collaborating on original material as well. Many of the unreleased demos from these sessions have been bootlegged and made their way around the world years ago, so it only seems fitting to bring these collaborations on-line for those of you who haven't had the chance to hear them yet!

Fred Schneider of the B-52s is especially fond of our track called "Scream of Consciousness", so we'll try to bring that recording on-line shortly keep watching this space for more surprises!

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