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It's hard to imagine that nearly four years have already passed since Nathalie Alicelouise Tobiana Trow-McDonald was born on October 8, 1997!
Many of you have written to ask about Nathalie's long name, and which one we actually use. As it turns out, most people call her "Junior," but she prefers to call herself "Yi"!

Since this site receives so many visits from genealogy enthusiasts, we've provided a list of Nathalie's namesakes below:

Nathalie-Ann Elizabeth Williams (1959-)

Mom's paternal cousin (appearing at left in above photo with Mom); she lives in Orange County, California with her daughter Amber-Lynn Elizabeth Williams Richey.

Nathalia Trow Whiting (1877?-1936?)

Mom's paternal great-aunt; she came from one of the leading lumber and shipping families of Wisconsin; she married mining engineer Lowe Whiting of Minnesota in 1896.

Natalia Janotha (1856-1932)

Famous Polish concert pianist and colleague of Chopin and Paderewski; an ancestor of Nathalie's paternal grandmother.

Alice Louise Trow McDonald (1873-1947)

Mom's paternal grandmother from Wisconsin; she was an English teacher who married into yet another lumber and shipping family dynasty, and passed on her love of genealogy onto future generations.

Alice-Louise Trow-McDonald Baughman (1899-1981)

Mom's paternal aunt and ex-wife of T. Frank Baughman, former Chief of the Secret Service and right-hand man to J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI; she was one of the nation's leading authorities on silver and a manager at Tiffany's in Beverly Hills, California.

Alice LeFevre McDonald (deceased)

Born Shirley Alice-May Baughman, her name was changed after her parents' divorce to honor Mom's paternal great-grandmother Elizabeth Mary LeFevre (1847-1921), who came from yet another lumber and shipping family in Wisconsin. Because of the FBI connection, the divorce was shrouded in secrecy.

Alice-Louise Williams Waldon (1957-)

Mom's paternal cousin and sister of Nathalie-Ann; she's a nurse living in Deville, Louisiana with husband Jim and daughters Tina, Jocelyn and Shannon.

Tobias Trow (ca. 1663-1718)

The first generation of our Trow family in America, Tobias arrived in Beverly, Massachusetts in the year 1682. He was a cordwainer and served in the Militia. Tobias and his wife Mary Green had 10 children.

Tobias Held (1887-1954)

A relative of Mom's maternal grandmother; he is buried in the Held-Eibl family plot in Freising, Bavaria, Germany under the curious inscription of "Gott sprach das grosse Amen."

Sister Tobiana of the Vatican

Not an ancestor, but she is the right-hand person to Pope John Paul II and reportedly one of the most important figures in the Roman Catholic Church.

Anna Black Beers McDonald (1836-1933)

Mom's paternal great-grandmother; after her husband died in 1906, Anna left her home in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and moved to Washington, DC, where she became active in women's politics until her death at the age of 96-1/2!

As you can see, we have a lot of hopes and dreams for Nathalie's bright future; stay tuned to this page and see what mischief she gets into next!

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Special tanx to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for linking their FamilySearch engine to "Depth Charge!" and helping us with our genealogical research.

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