"Miss Jean"
Lyrics by Richard Barone
Music by Richard Barone and Jules Shear

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She meets the train at the station
looking back but she doesn't see
the palm trees seem
a southern dream
the poet's words are deceiving --
she's leaving,
she's leaving.

The city sounds like the answer
buildings reach to oblivion
but when she stares
and no one cares
the city lights are misleading --
she's bleeding,
she's bleeding.

Oh and somebody told her she'd keep all she'd find
oh, and everyone said she'd meet more of her kind
but nobody mentioned the times she would cry all night long

Miss Jean, Miss Jean

She spends her days by the window
rents a room from a man downstairs
looking out
a woman shouts
"No martyr's life bears repeating"

When the leaves turned to fall she had all she could hold
She awoke to a storm lying naked and cold
and over her head hung the lies she'd been told all her life

She meets the plane on the runway
looking back but she doesn't see
ten years that seem
a stranger's dream
the subway map was deceiving --
she's leaving,
she's leaving.

Miss Jean, Miss Jean

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Lyrics by Richard Barone; Music by Richard Barone and Jules Shear
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