If you're following online auctions of Marc Bolan memorabilia, then take heed of that old saying "Buyer beware!" I was recently asked to check out a signature being auctioned online, and after careful examination, I didn't believe it was Marc's signature at all. I spent several hours compiling a list of places on the Internet where Marc's own handwriting appears, and e-mailed it to the individual who was selling the signature, hoping this would stop the auction. It then occurred to me that I had compiled a very useful resource for Bolan fans everywhere, so I have created this page in order to share the information with all of you. I know that some Bolan sites have typed Marc's words in order to make them easier to read, but I am inclined to believe that Marc's original script makes the words come alive in a way they wouldn't otherwise do. It also seems that young Mark Feld was keenly aware of the future value of his random dyslexic scribblings, as he was careful to autograph the bottoms of many of the pages shown here. You will see that, at various points in his career, he switched between signing himself "Mark Feld," "Marc Feld," "Toby Tyler," and my favorite, "Marc Bölan"!

There's plenty to enjoy here, so get a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and prepare for a treat! Here are the links in no particular order; please e-mail me if you should find that any of them change or expire: (shown above)

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