"My mother's not quite like that, not quite..."
(Marc Bolan, reminded during a 1974 interview of the time Ingeborg McDonald was mistaken for his mother, Phyllis Feld, at a T. Rex concert in New Jersey)

Ingeborg von Held-Eibl McDonald

This page is a tribute to my late mother, widow of Captain Donald Trow McDonald, United States Naval Reserve (1903-1987). The obituary below appeared in a July 1990 edition of The Record. Please visit this page again soon for more developments!

Jerry Wald
, famous clarinetist, Big Band leader, and Lance's father

The youngest member of our clan, Nathalie Alicelouise Tobiana Trow-McDonald, who will be 3 years old in October, already displays a flamboyant style and powerful presence reminiscent of her grandmother. I'll be telling you more family anecdotes as this site develops!

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