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"Silver Harley"


"Silver Harley" is an entirely biographical love song about Nathalie's father, Greyton (above). Nathalie loves to dress up "just like Daddy" (below)!

The track was co-written and produced by Charles Politakes, and recorded at the original Mix-O-Lydian Studios building in Boonton, New Jersey. This marathon session included a diverse cast of characters, and the following pictures demonstrate the strict standards of authenticity maintained throughout the recording process. Charley's boundless talents now extend to his fabulous Deus Ex Mac site, which outlines his many other outstanding artistic projects; be sure not to miss it!

[Sounds: Harleys belonging to NJ/NY/PA chapters of Last Chance MC racing across studio parking lot]

Hey, is that a silver Harley that just went by?
Oh, no -- I think I'm in love again!]

Well, he's six-foot-four and he's really cute
He drives a pink Jeepster with Florida plates
I took one look and I'm in hot pursuit
'Cos there's a silver Harley parked by his gate

So I went inside his house and...

The dog's name was Harley!
The bird's name was Harley!
The rabbit's name was Harley!
And there's a Harley parked in the middle of the living room
Help me -- I'm surrounded!

[Background vocals: girlfriends of Last Chance MC
"Silver, silver Harley!"]

He's got ten leather jackets all over the floor
Of a bedroom that's not meant to be seen
And ten of his friends just walked through the door
Let me tell you something, they all look pretty mean

[Sounds: party in the studio]

They're wearing sleeveless denim vests!
They're listening to Grateful Dead tapes!
They're drinking everything in sight!
And reading "Easyriders" magazine
Centerfolds -- all over the place!

["Young Tom" Murray shouting over crowd in complete disbelief:
"Wait a minute!"]

He lives next door to this biker bar
And these guys asked me to get a six-pack
That's when I slipped away to my car
Next time he's alone, you know I'll be back

And we'll ride his silver Harley together
And I'll run his private...

[Sound: Harleys riding away]

© 1989 Miniature Music (ASCAP)
Lyrics by Natalie McDonald, Production and Musical Arrangement by Charles Politakes

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