"Maybe I'm just like my father..."

Isn't it surprising to learn that this distinguished officer played such a key role on behalf of America's T. Rex fans during the mid-1970's? This page is a tribute to the man Bolanites called "Saint Daddy," Captain Donald Trow McDonald, United States Naval Reserve (1903-1987), and certainly the best father anyone could have ever wished for! Maybe it's not so strange after all, though, when you consider the story that Marc Bolan's late father told me about himself. In an unusual coincidence, Simeon Feld said that he once served in the Merchant Marine at Hoboken -- of all places -- and even became friends with local legend Frank Sinatra while stationed in New Jersey.

Captain McDonald's newborn granddaughter, Nathalie Alicelouise Tobiana Trow-McDonald, already takes a great deal after him. Now that she has arrived, I'll be telling you more family anecdotes as this site develops!

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