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Cape Ann, Massachusetts is an island/peninsula located 40 miles northeast of Boston. It is such a popular vacation spot with people from New Jersey that many of them, like me, now live here year-round. And don't forget to visit nearby Salem "for a spell" -- I'm proud to say that, after years of genealogical research, I can trace my Salem ancestry back to the year 1635.

Photo by David Navarro

Cape Ann has been become a film-maker's mecca. Recent projects here include a new movie starring Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon, the recent Danny DeVito film, "What's the Worst That Could Happen?" and "State and Main" featuring Alec Baldwin. "The Crucible" was also filmed here, and its star Daniel Day-Lewis returned to Cape Ann this summer for a cycling trip. The best-known release filmed locally is "The Perfect Storm", the true story of the October 1991 storm at sea which claimed the lives of the crew of a Gloucester swordfishing boat called the "Andrea Gail". Cape Ann has welcomed a record number of visitors wanting to learn more about this tragic tale (click for an excerpt from the best-selling novel by Sebastian Junger). Many scenes in the film take place at a Main Street bar called the "Crow's Nest", not to be confused with CrowsNest.Com, which is another bar located in, oddly enough, my hometown of Hackensack, New Jersey! The movie set, however, was built across the street in Harbor Loop and bears no resemblance to the real local hangout. And no virtual tour would be complete without a peek at the latest fashion accessory, that "coolest guys around" t-shirt from Cape Pond Ice, or a ride on the amphibious Moby Duck!

© Fisher Associates

Imagine living down the block from this lighthouse..."I did (don't you know)" for eight months, at beautiful Breakwater Estate, a mansion which belonged to Billy Joel's former guitarist David Brown, complete with fully-equipped recording studio on Eastern Point! Rock celebrities have abounded on Cape Ann, including Nuno Bettencourt of Mourning Widows, Suze deMarchi of Australia's Baby Animals, blues legend Michelle Willson, Bobby Hebb ("Sunny") and Rockport's very own Paula Cole!

Little Nathalie can't get enough of Gloucester's parks and statues! Here she is at her favorite place, the statue of Fitz Hugh Lane at Harbor Loop, followed by the famous fisherman's statue on Stacy Boulevard. (The beautiful new Fishermen's Wives' Memorial Statue is located nearby.) Below are also some links to get you started on your own virtual tour of Cape Ann, but please be advised that our locals tend to switch their internet service providers frequently which results in outdated addresses -- drop a line if you find any broken links!

BuickMackane's Gloucester Page, my own tribute page on VirtualTourist.com
Cape Ann Vacations, the new Chamber of Commerce site
Gloucester Daily Times, where you can catch my fiery Letters to the Editor
ArtsGloucester, an extensive guide to local artists and performers
Guide to Gloucester, MA, designed by Ileen Graham
Stage Fort Park And Welcoming Center, make it your first stop
Cape Ann Web, a brand new resource for our region
Cape Ann Online, a very popular local message board site
Virtual Cape Ann, a great place to acquaint yourself with the North Shore
See Cape Ann, a new online tourism guide
Gloucester, the No-Fly Getaway, a wintertime guide
St. Peter's Fiesta, all about the annual religious celebration
Artspace, a local artists' mecca
NME Wreckidz, a Gloucester/Cape Ann hip-hop collective

Click for Gloucester, Massachusetts Forecast

BuickMackane's Rockport Page, my Rockport tribute on VirtualTourist.com
RockportCapeAnn.Com, featuring Leslie Bartlett's beautiful photos
Rockport, Massachusetts, from the Chamber of Commerce
OBS, a constantly-changing Rockport site worth surfing in its entirety
Thacher Island Association, about a place with its own "Light of Love"
Fisher Associates, from Cape Ann's coolest architect, George Fisher
CapeAnnMass.Com, the best selection of local links I've seen
Cape Ann Weather2K, for a truly local forecast
Beaton Real Estate, a commercial site with great local pictures
Sandy Bay Yacht Club, at their new Web address!

Roger Conant, founder of Salem and a distant relation of mine by marriage!

Welcome to Salem, Massachusetts, for complete visitor information about the Witch City
Salem Haunted Happenings, for a guide to the fall festivities!

As you can see, I'm actively involved in promoting tourism here on Cape Ann; here are some really nice places to stay!

(Click here to download a 1991 home movie clip of how Ocean View Inn and Resort looked after the "Perfect Storm"!)

Ocean View Inn and Resort; it's my "home away from home"
Linden Tree Inn, our favorite of Rockport's many bed-and-breakfast inns
Julietta House, the coolest B&B in downtown Gloucester!

As for Boston, here's a livecam shot from Channel 5!

Don't miss our links and livecams page for
Hackensack, New Jersey!

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