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A "Depth Charge!" exclusive shot of Marc onstage at the Academy of Music, New York City, September 14, 1972!
Photo by Helen Hovey, Courtesy Tim Beckley/Global Communications

Electric Warrior Free Press #1 1973 Cover
Electric Warrior Free Press #2 1974 Cover
Electric Warrior Free Press #3 1974 Cover
Marc Bolan's Death Certificate
Marc Bolan February 1972 NYC Interview
Marc Bolan Handwriting Sample Guide
Marc Bolan & June Child's Marriage Certificate
Marc Bolan September 1972 Interview - Rock & Folk
Marc Bolan / T. Rex ICQ Interest Group
Marc's 1975 Telegram to Natalie
Natalie's 1975 Paycheck from Wizard Artists (Delaware)
November 9, 1974 Concert Review/Interview
Rolan Bolan's Birth Certificate
Rolan Bolan's Solo Career
The Making of Electric Warrior Free Press (Part 1 - 11 pages)
The Mystery of Marc Bolan's T. Rex Millions
The Warlock of Love (in its entirety!)
Wizard Artists Limited 1974 Letterhead

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